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There is a major benefit to being part of the program as we install your software in all our customers currently using your products. We also open up an even bigger market for you by including your DLL in all our new systems (subject to your approval). We currently have over 100 customers throughout the world in the UK, USA, Ireland, Holland, Portugal, Italy, Ukraine, Egypt, UAE, Kuwait, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, India, China, Taiwan, Thailand, Malaysia, Vietnam, Canada, Mexico, Columbia, Australia and New Zealand.


We need direct access to your programmers as this helps with the implementation of your DLL and also means that we can report back directly to you about any performance issues. We deal with numerous different DLLs and have huge experience in this area. We have also written our own Coil & Fan selection systems.

We also help you by dealing directly with your customers about any software issues.


Please contact us for further details about the preferred supplier program.